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Testimonials - Holly Graham

One of the most basic principals of faith is to feed those who are hungry. At the Peter & Paul Meals Program, we are blessed to be able to serve both the bodies and minds of our neighbors in need.

There is a calling for many of us to serve others, and one way to fulfill that is to volunteer with the Meals Program at Peter & Paul Community Services. There are opportunities here for everyone: donating food dollars, cooking, serving, waiting on tables, or even helping organize. All ages are welcome to help serve - as long as you can carry a plate, serve with a smile or offer a kind word to those we nourish. If you have the gift of gab, the gift of cooking, or the desire to serve others face to face, we welcome you to our ministry.

The year 2011 was full of blessings for all of us... new marriages, new babies, new and old friends with deeper relationships. Among our blessings was plenty to share, and our congregation did a wonderful job of sharing what they have. Because of their generosity, our group was able to serve a hot meal to countless men, women and children who otherwise would have gone hungry. Our group has many volunteers who donate food, many who give their time and many who share the blessing of friendship to those we serve. For many people we serve, that is what they really long for -- just someone to talk to so they don’t have to eat alone every night. This is a wonderful family activity with many lessons for us to learn from those we serve.

Among those who are homeless and poor are military heroes, former teachers and business persons. We serve fathers, mothers, aunts and uncles, sisters and brothers and children. We serve everyone who comes to us. One bad decision, one mistake, one step sideways puts them on the road to homelessness and if we can serve a meal to help with a hand up, and help them find the road back to a productive happy life, we have found our calling.

My heroes are the volunteers who faithfully serve beside me month after month. They give selflessly, and constantly thank me for giving them the opportunity to serve. I tell them, "Peter & Paul’s Meals Program can’t be a success without you....it’s simple to give someone dignity by serving God."

Blessings of plenty and plenty to share,

- Holly Graham

If I can help one person or put a smile on just one person’s face, it's all worthwhile, no matter how bad my day or big my problems.